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Gaizka: Should an adventurer be publicly exposed?

We publish below a correspondence between the latter two organisations on the question of how to - or whether to - expose such an individual and those political parasites who defend them. Should the Communist Left as a whole - irrespectively of the political differences among them – publicly warn all revolutionaries, particularly the younger and less experienced ones, of the dangerous trap represented by the actions of such an adventurer? Or should it maintain a public silence about the latter?

The bourgeoisie is unable to stem the tide of climate change

This article was written before the terrible events in Derna, Libya, after floods stirred up by Storm Daniel swept through ill-maintained dams on the Wadi Derna and caused unimaginable levels of destruction. Over 11,000 are known to have died, thousands more are missing and those left in the ruins face starvation and disease. Nothing could more clearly illustrate the growing impact of climate change and capitalism’s total inability to build a “dam” against it, as the article below clearly shows.  

The IGCL's pseudo-"critique" of the ICC platform - A sham analysis to discredit the ICC and its political inheritance (the Communist Left)

The aim of this article is not to engage in a debate on the political validity of our platform - which we are obviously always prepared to do through an honest confrontation with divergent positions - but to re-establish the reality of it by denouncing the approach of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL) aimed exclusively at discrediting our positions, in particular by presenting them as being influenced by councilism.